Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Stickerbag Zoo Game

I love sending fun little games and surprises with my letter. Sometimes I even event new games like this one: A Stickerbag Zoo.

I had a small sheet of cute little animal stickers so I made a game.
I put the stickers bag in the plastic wrap they came and but drew 'bars' in front of the animals with a permanent marker.

The rules state:
"This is a zoo with 18 animals. But some are double (eg. 2 lions). Help us up the variety by taking out one of the animals which are double and add a sticker with a new animal instead. Let's get as many kinds as possible.
No more doubles? Send home to *name and adress of reciever*"

I hope one of my pals will enjoy this game and have fun with sending it on to other penpallers.

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